Kareena Kapoor Khan on Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan

Shahid Kapoor At ‘Haider,Omkara,Maqbool’ Book Launch

separatedways: yes I hope it stays, and now there are lots of women willing to fight for this who are extremely popular i'm hoping it stays this way

me too, boo. me too.

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separatedways: yes thank bc none of my friends watch bwood and I can't tell them how important vidya is and movies like english vinglish and queen and mardaani and mary kom and how even in romcoms like hasee toh phasee and shaak ke side effects we have interesting complicated women and how this is more progressive than hwood and I just

only both industry think of it as this fad, which is so annoying. these films are so popular because there’s a demand for women’s voices and stories! I am crossing my fingers that new roles keep coming. bwood actresses are taking them up (and producing) but the industry could just as quickly decide that they are no longer bankable films and the roles could dry up.  

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Priyanka Chopra at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014

separatedways: can we talk about how female centric bwood has been this year and how amazing that is

I could honestly write a book about it because really it’s about time! so many bwood actresses are crazy talented (more so than a lot of bwood actors imo) and they have been given such empty, disposable roles. then the industry insisted that if they were given meatier roles they wouldn’t be able to pull it off. only they did, big time. which makes me so proud of bwood actresses. they know that it’s time for a change and so many of them are rising to the challenge. vidya, rani, and kangana especially. they don’t shy away from anything.

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